Budo-Ryu Kata 1983 / 339 Views

  RAYMOND RYAN 'Shihan 7th Dan' [Deceased 1989].Started in 1959/1960. Took over from Richard Salmon in 1969. Ray was Head of Style during the 70 and 80's. SHIHAN RAY RYAN 7th (then a 6th) DAN, VIC SYKES 5th DAN, BRIAN VAN DER MERWE 3rd DAN & RAYMOND STRODL 2nd DAN, WERE FILMED AT BUDOKAN SA HONBU DOJO BROAD STREET, DURBAN 1983, DURING SEVERAL KATA SESSIONS. Those videos were the culmination of a period of getting back to basics and ensuring the purity and correctness of the Budo-Ryu style.    
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